Dear Residents,

Over the course of the past two weeks the Management Office has received multiple calls in regards to safety here at our community.  Home Properties feels this is a very important matter and as such  we would be remiss if we did not reach out to our valued residents and their families in regards to this.

The nature of the calls received are two fold –

                1/ Increased levels of trash, bikes and scooters in breezeways, unattended children in common areas of the community – Please discuss with your families the importance of working together to keep our community beautiful and safe.

                2/ Children are left unattended in the parking lot areas to play – which has resulted in two very close accidents that we have been made aware of.  Home Properties must insist that children are supervised while on the property – both while enjoying our amenities as well as when playing outside.  The parking lot is not to be considered a play area – particularly while children are riding on bikes and scooters – your children must be supervised – we cannot emphasize enough the level of concern that has been raised both by parents and other residents who have witnessed these “close calls” in the parking lot area.

Home Properties wants all residents, parents and children alike, to enjoy living here.  However, we have rules and regulations in place for the protection of all residents who reside here.  Please take this notice as seriously as it is intended and let’s all work together to make The Commons at Haynes Farm a wonderful and SAFE place for all to enjoy.

As always, should you require assistance or clarification do not hesitate to contact our management office. Please enjoy the rest of the Summer Season safely and responsibly.



Teigan Bain

Property Manager