Dear Residents,

One of the most beautiful times of year here in New England! Heading into the cooler temperatures there are a few property items to address:


Trash & Recycling

We would like to remind the entire community that proper disposal of waste requires that you open the black compactor door and put your trash bag inside the chute. If you notice the chute is getting full please press and hold the green button which will activate the compactor. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH/RECYCLING OUTSIDE THE COMPACTOR/RECYCLING AREA. **NO PLASTIC BAGS IN THE RECYLING CONTAINER** The recycling container is emptied on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. Furniture disposal requires prior notification and payment at the leasing office and must take place Monday-Saturday.


Playing around the grounds

Management would like to again emphasize the fact that children should be supervised while outside on the grounds. We encourage all residents to make use of our wonderful amenities! Please instruct your children to not play in and around vehicles, the in the driving areas, or stairways of the buildings as this is a serious safety concern. During the winter our plow company asks parents for additional support to keep children from playing in the snow piles. Safety is the primary concern and for this reason we must stress our suggestion that children be monitored while outdoors.



We are pleased to be a Pet Friendly community – and appreciate the diligence on the part of the majority of our Pet Owners here at The Commons at Haynes Farm. Outlined under pet rules and regulations, the community requires that all dog owners pick up after their pets in order to keep the property clean and sanitary. We also remind you that dogs must be leashed at all times, this is a town law and must be adhered to. The lease agreement outlines any observed violation of these rules or complaints to the office (from either resident or staff member) may result in a fine.


Washing Machines

Please remember during Fall cleaning and pulling out all of those heavy coats and sweaters from storage to get ready for Winter that larger items such as pillows, throw rugs, dog beds, comforters, and large coats must be washed in larger capacity machines than the machines in the apartment homes. Washing these types of items can cause the machine to become off balance, leak, or become damaged. If damage results from improper use of the washing machines residents can potentially be held financially responsible. We also recommend that residents not leave either the washer or dryer unattended.


Tips from the Service Team

1. Pasta, rice, beans, coffee grounds, and the likes do not belong in the garbage disposal. Grease/oil should NEVER be poured down the sink. Tip: Pour used oil into a can, allow to cool/harden, and dispose of the can in the compactor. Tip: Crushing ice cubes in the garbage disposal keeps the blades sharp and clean.

2. The filter under your microwave can be cleaned by running it through the dishwasher or boiling in a pot of water on the stove.

3. Cleaning the lint from the lint trap in the dryer prevents fires and decreases dry time.

4. Personal items cannot be stored in the water heater closet.

5. Clean the appliance before placing a work order for service on it, sometimes all it needs is a good cleaning.

6. Freezers go through a defrost cycle, this is normal, and allowing room for the air to circulate in the freezer ensure proper functionality.

7. To prevent clogged tub drains: remove the hair that accumulates at the drain after showers. Tip: A tool called “Zip-It” can be purchased for under $5 and is very easy to use.

8. The filter on the bottom of the dishwasher can easily be removed and cleaned. Tip: Running a cup of vinegar or bleach on high heat cycle through the dishwasher and washing machine will help to descale and clean.

9. The water in Shrewsbury is hard and causes orange discoloration. Tip: A cleaning product called “Iron Out” is our favorite and can be purchased at most local stores.


We hope this information is helpful. Although we are sorry to say good bye to summer we must prepare for the approaching winter.


Haynes Farm Management